Running videos

Natacha is an avid runner. Kinesiologist, physical education teacher and Certified Exercise Physiologist from the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology, her main areas of interest include musculoskeletal injuries, running, perinatal health and child development. With several years of experience in physical activity counseling, she’s helping over one hundred individuals annually to achieve their physical activity goals. She is also the founder of the GRAND club de course whose many clubs located throughout Quebec allow kids from 5 to 15 years old to discover running and how fun it can be. Natacha won the Young Business Personality Award – Professional Services, from the Jeune Chambre de Commerce de Québec in 2017.

*Natacha Gagné worked in collaboration with Geneviève Leduc in the development of the videos and appears on screen in the French versions.



Kinesiologist and doctor in nutrition, Geneviève possesses a strong knowledge background on the influence that children and teenagers’ lifestyle as well as their school and family environments can have on their health and well-being. After having worked for several years as a Research Coordinator at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute on large studies on the topics of active transportation, independent mobility and determinants of health, she gladly joined the FitSpirit team in 2017. Geneviève enjoys many physical activities including running, triathlon and downhill skiing.


You think that physical activity is not your thing? Maybe you haven’t found that special activity that you will truly enjoy doing. If you feel like trying your luck with running, watch these videos to find some tips and a good dose of inspiration. You can do this! See you at the finish line!


Capsule 1 : Tips for a successful first race


Capsule 2 : Add some fun to your running


Capsule 3 : Inspire by leading