YES, I am a FitSpirit girl.

You’re in the right place to choose a customized workout for you! Return to the main menu and choose a training that suits your mood, how much time you have and what you feel like doing today. Don’t forget to watch the running videos to help you stay motivated and take a look at our recipes and advices on what to eat before, during and after the effort under Tips and recipes tab. Did you find what you were looking for? It’s your turn now! Put your running shoes on and get ready to move! You can do it, we’re there for you! Have a good workout!

NO, I’m not a FitSpirit girl.

Do you want to get moving? You’re in the right place.

  1. FitSpirit may already be available in your school! You can ask your physical education teacher or contact us at If it’s not available, talk about us to your teachers and who knows, maybe FitSpirit could be available next Fall!
  2. If FitSpirit isn’t available in your school or if you prefer not to join the group, you can still use the tools found on this website to make your workout session even more enjoyable! Remember, what is suggested here isn’t a full training program adapted for everyone, but rather a tool that can help you boost your practice of physical activity on a daily basis. Students who participate in FitSpirit are supported by several teachers and program leaders to guide them in their physical activities. As you don’t have that support at this time, make sure to listen to your body and your limits when using these tools.

By the way, if you do and love sports and physical activity, you’re already a FitSpirit girl, even tho you aren’t a registered participant!

So what is FitSpirit?

FitSpirit is a group of girls who love to be active together. We discover different ways to be active in a fun atmosphere without competition. We also have the opportunities to train for a 5 or 10km run at the Spring FitSpirit Celebration. Watch the video here. Are you in?!

To register, FitSpirit has to be available at your school. For more information, visit

We love you already, we hope you’ll visit us again soon!